Add New Life to Your Trees

Ask about our tree fertilization services in Phoenix, AZ

Getting your trees the nutrients they need is our top priority at Ascending Tree Care LLC. We do this by offering top-notch fertilization services throughout the Phoenix, AZ area. Our team is equipped to care for trees of all types and sizes. We’ll make sure your trees get the personalized care they need to thrive in your yard.

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Signs your tree needs to be fertilized

Signs your tree needs to be fertilized

Are your trees getting the nutrients they need? If not, trust the pros at Ascending Tree Care to help. Our tree care team in Phoenix, AZ can diagnose and resolve issues of all types. You should call us if:

  • You notice undersized leaves are growing on your tree
  • You see dead branches or branch tips
  • You notice that leaf veins are darker than leaf margins
If you notice these or any other issues, speak with a tree service expert in Phoenix, AZ now. We’ll create a custom fertilization plan to nurse your tree back to full health.